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About me

Hello! I am a genealogy enthusiast with years of experience researching family history. After graduating I began to become interested in this branch of history. Since then I have collected information from thousands of people, some of them dating back to the 16th century.

I would be happy to help you discover your roots, trace lineages, and explore the legacy of your ancestors. Trust me to provide you with a personalized and meticulous genealogy service that connects you to your past in a meaningful way.

Investigar nuestra historia para estar más cerca de las historias de nuestra familia.


Through thorough research and a personalized approach, we seek to preserve and share our legacy, give visibility to the diversity of each person's family history, and use our past to help us better understand our reality.


We seek to be recognized as a reliable and passionate reference in the world of genealogy, providing quality services and promoting the appreciation of diversity and family heritage.

Estudio en archivos y fondos civiles y religiosos para descubrir nuestra diversidad.
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