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Genealogical study of up to 8 generations of the person you indicate. You can choose if you want the study to be carried out on the person's paternal or maternal line or on both.

When you finish the study, you will receive:


  • Abook hardcover in DIN A4 format that will include all the people found in the study. Depending on the information available, for each person we will include in the study their name, surname, date and place of birth/baptism/marriage/death/burial) and profession. At a minimum, you will know the first name, first surname, and date and place of birth, baptism or marriage of each person. The book will also include infographics and family trees made with the information found.
  • Twosheetsin DIN A4 format that will include the family tree.
  • Afilewhich includes in loose sheets all the birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial certificates used in the study.
  • A filepdfwith all the information mentioned above.
  • A fileGEDCOMfor use in most genealogy programs.

Genealogical study

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PriceFrom €175.00
  • Once the service has been purchased, YOU WILL RECEIVE A FORM BY EMAIL to collect the necessary information before starting the study.

  • You will receive the physical materials within 10 days of being notified of the study's conclusion.

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