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Genealogical research

We will carry out a genealogical investigation in the archives, parishes, civil registries and other sources available in Spain of the person you indicate.

This may be up to 8 generations, focus on one line (paternal, maternal or surname) of the person or study both.

Once completed you will obtain:

  1. A book collecting all the study carried out.

  2. A folder with all the games found.

  3. Several sheets in different formats with family trees built with that information.

  4. A pdf file with the information mentioned above.

  5. A GEDCOM file to be able to use this information in most genealogy programs.

# of generations

In our standard study we can investigate up to 8 generations back of a person born after 1900, that is:

  • 3 generations: up to great-grandparents (14 people)

  • 4 generations: even great-great-grandparents (30 people)

  • 5 generations:even the great-great-grandparents (62 people)

  • 6 generations: up to the pentagrandparents (126 people)

  • 7 generations:up to six-grandparents (254 people)

  • 8 generations:up to seven grandparents (510 people)


Specific lines

We can focus on studying the maternal or paternal line in particular. We can also investigate only a specific surname, that is, all the ancestors who had that surname.

  • paternal line

  • Maternal line

  • Line by last name

Complete study until reaching the historical moment that you decide.

Other studies

If you want me to research more generations, obtain information not mentioned above or any other detail, tell me and I will give you a more specific solution.

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