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Certificates and items

We will carry out the search and/or bureaucratic procedures of the certificates or items you need.

After paying for the service you will receive a form to fill out in order to begin the investigation.

To do this we will need to know the type of certificate/item required, and the following information about the person:


  1. Name and surname (minimum requirement)

  2. Place and date of birth

    • Place and approximate date (minimum requirement)

  3. Name and surname of parents

  4. Parents' birthplace


We can retrieve Spanish birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial certificates and certificates from different sources.

Type of certificate

We can obtain certificates and items in Spain of the following types:

  • Between 1871 and 2023:

    • Birth certificate (Civil Registry)

    • Marriage certificate (Civil Registry)

    • Death certificate (Civil Registry)

  • From 1922 back:

    • Baptism certificates (Church Funds)

    • Marriage Certificates (Church Funds)

    • Burial Items (Church Funds)

Other studies

If you want a certificate or item not included in the lists above, tell me and I will give you a specific solution.

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